May 25, 2021

Let’s talk about entry notices and rentals

In any rental agreement a key provision is that the rental occupier must be given sufficient notice if someone is to enter the property.

Whether repairs and maintenance are to be conducted, a routine inspection is to take place, or the property is being valued, sufficient notice allows the occupier to prepare and also ensures they feel the property is a place they can comfortably call home.

So what exactly do we mean?

What is an entry notice?

When we talk about entry notices during a rental agreement, it’s basically giving the rental occupier a heads-up in writing that someone will be attending the property.

In all states and territories, providing adequate entry notice is a requirement under the law. But the length of that notice can vary depending on the specific law of that state or territory and also the circumstances involved.

It’s important to appreciate that if a valid reason is provided and the entry notice timeframes have been adhered to, a rental occupier is required to grant entry to the property.

When an entry notice might be issued

As we mentioned the timeframes can vary, but reasons for valid entry include:

  •         To conduct a routine inspection
  •         To undertake repairs or maintenance
  •         To have the property valued
  •         To show the property to prospective buyers or renters
  •         To take photographs for advertising materials
  •         For a follow-up inspection of repairs and maintenance completed
  •         If a property manager has reason to believe the property has been abandoned
  •         For a follow-up inspection to see if a significant breach has been remedied

When notice may not be required

While notice of entry is required under normal conditions, there are a couple of circumstances where a formal written notice may not be necessary.

These are rare but include:

  •         in an emergency
  •         if the property manager/owner believes entry is necessary to protect the property from damage about to happen
  •         If a rental occupier verbally agrees

Your right to privacy

Entry notices are designed to protect the rental occupier and help ensure their right to privacy.

That’s why there are also guidelines around how often some of these entries can occur. For example, under the law of most states and territories, routine inspections can only occur every three months (a maximum of four times a year).

The property manager is also required to provide a timeframe that the routine inspection must occur within (usually a two-hour window).

Meanwhile, unless it’s an emergency or the rental occupier agrees, entry is only allowed between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

If you want to know more about entry notice requirements in your state or territory, you can find out here:

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